Looks Good: Peak Design Backpack


I wasn’t a backpack kind of person, up until my friend Matt nagged me into trying one. I still wasn’t convinced, but you do a lot of things in name of friendship. However, when I started going for photography trips, I started to realize the value of backpacks, except that most of the bags targeting photographers are like hiking boots — long on comfort, short on style. Being “aesthetics first” kind of person, I have settled for a Tumi Arrive backpack which is an ideal blend of rugged and aesthetically pleasing. While it is good for carrying a camera and a lens with some accessories, it isn’t really a true camera bag.  Continue reading “Looks Good: Peak Design Backpack”

In praise of Japan’s Porter-Yashida

The thing about Porter Yashida’s bags – luggage and work bags — is that once you buy one, it is hard to buy something else. I bought one a few years ago and it looks brand new to date. They are indestructible. Not surprising since they are made from man-made fabrics — but they still have an organic feel to them. Here is a Port magazine piece celebrating their 80-years. #

Frank Clegg

Frank Clegg is a Fall River, Massachusetts–based artisan who makes classic leather bags and accessories. He has been making bags and leather goods for almost 45 years and has a unique perspective on the US manufacturing and artisan culture. Introduction Frank Clegg is a Fall River, Massachusetts–based artisan who makes classic leather bags and accessories. … Continue reading Frank Clegg

FYI: Gurkhas are tough soldiers & Ghurkas are tough bags

If you grew up anywhere in South Asia, then you pretty much know that them Gurkhas are a bunch of tough nuts, who have played a very vital role in several wars including the second world war where they fought on behalf of the British. India’s only Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw once famously stated, “If a man is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Ghurka.” Gurkhas are professional soldiers and as a kid I came across many of these tough-nuts from Himalayan nation of Nepal. They worked as watchmen and professional guards in my hometown of Delhi. Over the years, Gurkhas have remained somewhere in my subconscious.

A few days after moving to San Francisco, I perchance walked by a Ghurka store – except it was selling ultra-expensive bags and briefcases. It was amusing for me to think of Gurkhas as a fashion brand and later that store closed and I forgot all about it. I never bothered to look-up the history of the brand and why they chose that name.Fast forward to now, style blogger and Americana enthusiast Michael Williams shared a video about Ghurka’s legacy that puts everything in context. Continue reading “FYI: Gurkhas are tough soldiers & Ghurkas are tough bags”