Traveling light

I am on my way to Germany for a couple of events – HyBerlin (in Berlin) and then to DLD in Munich – and as I wait in the airport to board my flight, I started thinking about how my travel behavior has changed in last few months. I spent a lot of my time … Continue reading Traveling light

Berlin’s Rolling Horse


Berlin is an interesting place. A city that is old and new at the same time. Instead of taking pictures of some of the classic tourist spots, I ended up spending an inordinate amount of time looking at the Rolling Horse sculpture at the Berlin Central Station. Jürgen Goertz sculpture is half horse, horsehalf wheel and in many ways it symbolizes the industrial age so well. In a century from now, we will think of it as a symbol of a different way of life. Here are four different views of the Rolling Horse taken with iPhone 4S. Continue reading “Berlin’s Rolling Horse”

A few photos from my trip to Berlin

I took a few photos with Camera+ app on my iPhone 4S and played around with SnapSeed to add special effects and clean-up the blemishes. I also wanted to somehow bring the feeling of the place and its Cold War history in the photos, considering most of them were snapped in what was essentially East Berlin. Here are some of my favorite photos from Berlin. Hope you enjoy them. Continue reading “A few photos from my trip to Berlin”

The New Berlin

“You used to bump into startups that were doing the typical German thing of building a clone. Now the whole city is one crazy startup — chaotic, unstructured and with a counter-culture vibe.”  Alexander Ljung, CEO of Berlin-based audio platform Soundcloud, GigaOM Euro 20: The European startups to watch. Continue reading The New Berlin