A coffee with Chris Michel and Bijan Sabet turned into a full-blown photo session. I thought this photo represented Bijan the best — with his Leica, captured on Chris’ Leica in my everyman’s Leica, the iPhoneX.

Photo 05/30: iPhoneX  Portrait mode, f2.4, 1/120th of a second.

A Set of Photo Books by Joshua Allen Harris

I was introduced to Joshua Allen Harris, a few years ago by friend and photography enthusiast, Bijan Sabet. I had admired Harris’ work on Instagram — his reductionist style of visual story telling was something that spoke to me at a very deep level. I went out to Brooklyn one evening to make photos with Joshua Bijan, Naveen and Chris Ozer.

Harris, during that photowalk, told me about this project he had been working on for quite sometime. He was taking photos of Broadway and wanted to chronicle that as a photo story, that he was compiling one frame of film at a time. None of these photos were shared on Instagram or any other form of social media. He only picked up a Leica M6 camera about two years.


Earlier this month, he finally released his work – a visual narrative essay in the form of three books: Tahoma, Belmont and Broadway. This is my first acqusiton of the year and it is what I call a soul satisftying shopping spree. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of these three books — and going to cherish them for a long time.

FYI, There are only 50 copies each of these books. You can buy them from Harris’ website.

All photos by me: Lecia M-Monochrom with Leica f2/35mm lens.

Fresh Air

After four days of being laid-up nursing the worse kind of summer flu, I finally dragged myself out of the apartment today. I was desperate for an espresso and really needed to remove the cobwebs of the mind.  Also, I had a morning meeting with a fantastic startup founder whose boundless enthusiasm helped give an … Continue reading Fresh Air