Since my heart attack, I have tried to live by the day, for the day. I don’t always succeed in doing so, and more often than not, fail. Not surprisingly, birthdays as a special occasion to celebrate have become less meaningful, unless it is the year of zeros and fives. I turned 55 last week … Continue reading 55


A wise man once told me that I shouldn’t worry about banking the money. Instead, he said, bank people for in the end they will truly enrich your life. It was great advice and I have followed it to the tee. It was brought home to me yesterday with all the birthday messages and all … Continue reading Thanks


Hello there! I have been missing in action for the past week or so, for mostly personal reasons. I have been thinking about today – the day when I turn 50 and enter the sixth decade of my life. I am supposed to say something profound, but I don’t really have much to say. I … Continue reading 50

Eleven (years of blogging)

I have published GigaOM a lot longer before it was a blog. It was a website where all the links went to articles from Forbes, Red Herring and other publications I used to write for. It was an archive for all my email newsletters. It was home to my resume. But in December 2001, MovableType’s Ben Trott installed the MovableType software for me and with that GigaOm, the blog was born.

This year, I celebrated its eleventh birthday by taking a quiet walk down embarcadero on a very rainy day, musing about how the world (and blogging has) changed since then. I thought about how blogging changed me, my view of the world, and how I practice the art of writing. It helped me discover my voice and myself.  Continue reading “Eleven (years of blogging)”

What a gift!

Team GigaOM gave me this baseball signed by Derek Jeter for my 45th birthday after throwing me a surprise party. It was the first time someone threw me a surprise bash and I loved it. Thanks guys for such a thoughtful gift, which now sits proudly on my desk, next to things of importance – … Continue reading What a gift!


Our life is like a day. When we are born, Sun peeks out over the horizon. Slowly and surely the dawn turns from pink to a sea of yellow. The morning cool gives way to the noon heat and the bright lights overhead. And slowly the Sun moves behind us and the shadows start to … Continue reading 45