The 2010s are coming to an end, and looking back, a lot has changed, especially when it comes to retail landscapes. Vox looks back at the brands we have lost. Blockbuster and Borders failed to adapt and thus became victims of broadband and the Internet, only to be replaced by Netflix and Amazon. Internet and the companies it has spawned saw the death of compact discs, and with that, we lost the brands such as Columbia Record House. Payless, American Apparel, and Bon-Ton are some other names. Only recently we lost Dean and Deluca and Barneys. Good News is that we still have many American brands thriving in Japan. When I look back at the decade and see all these brands dying, I can only see the regeneration and creation of new brands and enterprises — bigger and different. I can’t imagine life without Spotify. Or Amazon, for that matter. 

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash