Fifteen years ago, today, I signed up for, the cloud version of WordPress, the open-source blogging software. My first use of WordPress software goes beyond those 15 years — I was an early pre-alpha adopter of the software. Time certainly has flown. And the world of blogging (and writing) has gone through many changes — not to mention my own life. What was blogging (then) has morphed into Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagrams, and, more recently, Substacks. The coterie of chattering classes has become much bigger.

After twenty-odd years of blogging, what I really wish for is freedom from the tyranny of a headline that weighs down a blog post. A Facebook post lacks formality precisely for that reason, and that is why more people post on Facebook more often. A tweet, too, doesn’t need a punchy headline. And neither does Instagram!

From the archives: In 12 years of blogging, more things change, more they remain the same.


Are newsletters the new blogs — or is it that blogs are newsletters? I can’t tell. For me, however, the blog is my homestead.  A homestead is an isolated dwelling, with some adjacent buildings, built on a large plot of land. They are not only independent, but they are devoid of the cacophony of busy … Continue reading Homestead

Write like a human

Given that I have been writing three decades, including eighteen-plus years a blogger, I am hardly surprised that I am repeatedly asked: how should I write? And my answer is always the same — write like a human.  We are getting buried under freeze-dried news reports and hot takes that make supermarket baloney feel like a … Continue reading Write like a human