Paul Kedrosky’s Charts Newsletter had this wonderful graphic highlighting the increasing woes of traditional media formats, thanks to millennials and GenZ. However, things don’t look bad for one category: books. Kids (and older kids) are still reading books at a decent clip, and perhaps will continue to do so, mostly it is a good antidote … Continue reading Books! Books! Books!

Future Shocked

It has been 50 years this month since Alvin and Heidi Toffler published their book, Future Shock. The Tofflers have since passed on to the next plane. However, they have left behind a work, that is amazingly prescient, especially when seen in the context of the current pandemic and its impact on society. “The future … Continue reading Future Shocked

Matt MacInnis

Matt MacInnis is the co-founder and CEO of Inkling Systems. He started the digital publishing company after leaving Apple. The rumors of the iPad might have had something to do with his decision. Introduction Almost every day I wonder why the book hasn’t been reinvented. New technologies have helped us make the publishing process and … Continue reading Matt MacInnis

The Cleanup

The new year is almost two weeks old, and frankly I am not doing too well with my to-do list. I have lost my ability to sleep (again) and despite my best efforts, I have been clocking about 3.5 miles a day of walking. I need to get a move on — literally and figuratively. … Continue reading The Cleanup

Office Romance

I stumbled across this video of Kathy Ryan, director of photography at The New York Times Magazine talking about how she found and fell in love with the light and shadow play inside the new New York Times building. The building was designed by Renzo Piano and photos were all taken on her sixth floor office. … Continue reading Office Romance

The End of Summer

Nobody on the road Nobody on the beachI feel it in the air The summer’s out of reach — Boys of Summer, Don Henley This song, which is less about summer and more a metaphor about aging and the futility of time, will forever acts as a soundtrack for the end of sunny, bright and … Continue reading The End of Summer