Winter. Made with Leica SL. Photo by Om Malik

I was full of ideas when I went to sleep and was going to take some time today and write. But last evening, after FDA approved the second booster shot for folks over 50, I got my second booster shot. It has been six months since I got my booster, and I got nervous. I am glad to have the booster, as I plan to travel shortly.

The reaction to the second booster has been pretty much the same as my previous three vaccine shots – pain in the arm, a little tired, and a tad groggy. Still, it has sapped my enthusiasm to write. So, once I am finished with my routine work, I will take some time and spend the rest of the day reading. Disconnected reading, to be precise, is where I read a book or articles on a screen that is not tethered to a network.

I use my iPad Mini in an offline mode to read, and I save and download all the stuff I want to read in either the Safari Reading List or Pocket. I have only recently started to use Readwise, and I am still in the early part of my journey with that product, but that is a good product to use for making notes and tagging my archives. I find disconnected reading is a good antidote to the social media reality of modern media. Mike Solano puts it best in his recent newsletter: 

Twenty years in, our social internet is a medium of communication that appears to tend naturally toward ephemerality, chaos, and mistrust, which in turn engenders a sense of insecurity among most people.

SlapHappy/ Mike Solano

Have a great Wednesday. 

March 30, 2022. San Francisco.