Five stages of Zoom

With over 300 million daily participants, Zoom is clearly having a moment. And as the pandemic rolls on, our relationship with Zoom has changed quite a bit . Even my dear friend Brad “Zen” Feld is having to re-evaluate Zoom. And it actually made me wonder if we are following the Kübler-Ross model — you … Continue reading Five stages of Zoom

Iceland bound

I had been staying put in San Francisco for a few weeks and enjoying the company of friends, especially those who I work with at True (Ventures.)  It has been board meeting season and last week we had terrific updates from two True family companies — and Narrative — both of which are expecting to launch, new amazing things in the near future. It has also been a chance to reconnect with some of my photographer friends. But mostly it has been a chance to enjoy the frenzy of Silicon Valley. 

No surprise I was getting restless so it is time to pack my bags and head out for a few days to a place I have been dreaming about for a while — Iceland. I am attending Startup Iceland and will be speaking on stage with my dear friend and superhuman Brad Feld. He is going to share his wisdom about startups, venture capital and basic founder values. I am just the eye candy on stage. 

Startup Iceland is the brainchild of Bala Kamallakharan who has willed together this event. It is remarkable how far and how deep the startup culture has spread. The economic reinvention is still at the “batting practice” stage of value creation and like my dear friend Akamai founder Paul Sagan said in 2010, “this is a 20 year cycle at the very least.” 

Iceland also means I am going to be taking pictures — lots of them. I am taking two cameras — iPhone 6+ (along with Moment Lenses) and Leica M (with a 35 mm and 24 mm lenses.) One is automatic and the other is autocratic. I will be sharing some photos on my Instagram and Facebook and of course will put up a gallery here. It is weird for me — I have not traveled with a laptop in a while and I am taking along my new MacBook 12. I think it is a better way to process photos! 

What does all this mean? I don’t know – more photos, fewer frequent updates and of course slow response to emails. 

May 25, 2015, San Francisco

PS: If you are in Iceland and want to meet up for a photo walk, look me up and drop me a note via direct message on Twitter with your email. 

PS 2: Any tips for landscape photography, again drop me a note. 

The Religion of Silicon Valley

Brad Feld, one of the most thoughtful writers (who happens to write about startups and venture capital) has written a post that resonates with me a lot. I have always believed there is many Silicon Valleys. Feld explains why. Read This!