Microbrand: Jeremy Argyle NYC

A few weeks ago, when I was visiting New York, I realized that I had left all my shirts behind in San Francisco, and instead showed up with a bunch of T-shirts. I realized my folly when on the phone with Matt Mullenweg and shared my lapse with him. Matt knows that I don’t much care for big brands and instead appreciate smaller, limited edition well made products. I find John Varvatos too mass-market. And he knows I am super picky and get into philosophical conversations about the choice of square buttons over round buttons.

So, Mullenweg recommended that since I was in Soho, I should stop by at this store called Jeremy Argyle, which is on Spring Street, just off West Broadway. And what a recommendation it turned out to be. The store itself isn’t spectacular as say a Bruno Cucinelli outposts or the Apple store. What it is – an old fashioned shirt store: well lit, sparse and yet with great focus on things that matter the most: shirts. Walk in, pause, look around and within a minute or two, you can assess the merchandise. The best way to describe it — utilitarian elegance.