What do bridges mean?

I am constantly fascinated by bridges, not just because they are such a marvel of engineering, but also because they are a metaphor for so many things in life. For me they are a way to transition between the highs of life, a way to get over the valley of darkness. I have often wondered what  bridges meant to others and asked the question on Instagram and Facebook, with some interesting answers. Here is a few photos of bridges I have made over past few years and the answers of those who I often communicate with on the social networks.


  • I love that bridges are solid yet uniquely and beautifully made.


  • Bridges connect what nature had no intention of connecting. It’s us evolving in our environment.


  • Progress. I think of the narrow paths and treacherous trails or long divergent roads that those who came before had to traverse. I think of the science and the sweat that went into building this permanent pathway out of a past filled with hardship. I think of the great labor and accomplishments of others today and yesterday that we take for granted–labor that gives us a safe, quick route home or onward. I think of progress.

  • The metaphorical bridge to me represents hope, opportunities, potential and healing because it is symbolic of an intentional connection only made possible by a mutual understanding between two separate entities – countries, disciplines, people.

  • Bridges mean connection.

About these photos: The first photo of the Bay Bridge was made with my Leica Q f8/28mm, ISO 200. The next photo of the Bay Bridge were made with Sony RX-1 with f11/35mm Zeiss, ISO 200. A bridge over River Seine was captured by Lecia M-P using the Zeiss 25mm lens at f11 at ISO 200. The following two photos are from a recent visit to the BigSur and were captured using a Fuji XT-1 via Fuji 16mm lens (24 mm on full frame) set at f8 and ISO of 200. As it is obvious, ISO 200 is my favorite and I prefer to do landscapes at f11. My favorite lens for landscape is Zeiss 25mm.