04.04.2023 Musings

Sometimes, when sitting quietly, enjoying a cooling cup of perfectly crafted pour-over coffee, I find myself staring at the back of my hand. In front of my eyes lies a landscape akin to the red sand of the American Southwest that lay baking under the scorching sun after a week of rain. You can see … Continue reading 04.04.2023 Musings

About a month ago, I wrote about the state of Starlink, the satellite broadband division of SpaceX, and speculated that I won’t be surprised if “the Starlink network evolves into Tesla’s very own broadband backbone, connecting all Tesla vehicles.” Elon Musk, the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, threw cold water on that theory in a tweet.  However, a … Continue reading Starlink on wheels, ships, and planes

I am one of the fortunate ones — I have enjoyed the fiber-connected life for nearly 11 years, four of which have been blessed by a gigabit/second connection. The bi-directional gigabit speed has been a blessing. That speed has come in handy during the pandemic — I am nearly always on Zoom and using the … Continue reading The Need for (Gigabit) Speed

I am fortunate to live in a building that is serviced by WebPass, an SF-based, internet provider that is now owned by Google Fiber. I have been a customer for over a decade, and can’t live without their rock-solid gigabit per second connection. And it is way cheaper than whatever Comcast is charging for its … Continue reading My Morning Speeds vs Evening Speeds

It’s All About Speed and Broadband, Not TV

Whether they like it or not, cable companies are fast becoming broadband-first companies. But it’s not by choice that they are embracing over-the-top video, starting their own web video offerings or finally coming around to the idea of cord-cutting. “It’s totally, totally shifted to Netflix,” Charlie Ergen, the CEO of Dish Network, recently told The New York Times. … Continue reading It’s All About Speed and Broadband, Not TV