What I am reading today

Google Reader apocalypse extremely f***ing nigh. [jwz] The ongoing story – Twitter and writing. [The New Yorker] Mapping the people left behind by the knowledge economy. [The Atlantic Cities] A real coffee snob responds to FoodRepublic’s 13 signs you’re a coffee snob. [Sprudge] My startup has 30 days to live. Our broadband is getting faster, … Continue reading What I am reading today

Broadband bargain

From Forbes magazine, May 3, 1999 HERE IS A WAY to ride the broadband wave without buying a moneylosing company like At Home Corp. Horsham, Pa.-based General Instrument (NYSE: GIC) controls 60% of the settop cable box market. Its new boxes will have high-speed modems inside that allow subscribers to surf the Web, get e-mail, … Continue reading Broadband bargain