I am fortunate to live in a building that is serviced by WebPass, an SF-based, internet provider that is now owned by Google Fiber. I have been a customer for over a decade, and can’t live without their rock-solid gigabit per second connection. And it is way cheaper than whatever Comcast is charging for its offering.

That speed has come in handy as during this pandemic-induced isolation. Working From Home is made more effective if my Zoom calls are of the best quality. I love that I have really robust upload speeds, which is what you really need when doing video calls from the apartment.

That said, it is good to chill and have robust bandwidth for streaming music and videos. By the way, the whole building seems to be in chill mode in the evening, as shown by the sharp disparity in my day time and night time connection speed.

It’s All About Speed and Broadband, Not TV

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What I am reading today

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