Why I don’t trust GQ & others like them

Michael William writes A Continuous Lean, a popular and influential blog about men’s style. He is one of the most influential bloggers and tastemakers when it comes to men’s fashion. And he has become such a powerful force, because he was an early proponent of the independent men’s fashion movement — where buyers champion less known brands who eschew glitzy advertising in favor of high quality wares. It was from his blog, I was introduced to Todd Snyder, who probably one of the most underrated American designers.

Today, when I read his interview with a GQ editor about GQ’s What to Wear Now stylebook, I was mildly miffed but mostly surprised. Why? because i believe GQ is the antithesis of what Williams and others bloggers like him such as the gentleman who writes Die Workwear stand for: the little guy, the independent brands where focus is quality not the size of the marketing budget. GQ, on the other hand at is nothing more than a glorified marketing vehicle for the large conglomerates such as LVMH, PPR and Prada.  Continue reading “Why I don’t trust GQ & others like them”