Climate Neutral

Fair Trade, USDA Organic, and now Climate Neutral. Climate Neutral is a logo that is “carried by brands that measure, reduce, and offset all of the carbon generated by making and delivering their products.” The idea for the new label comes from Peter Dering, CEO of Peak Design, a camera accessories company. There are many … Continue reading Climate Neutral

“Watching this roll across the timezones like a wave of defiance is making me feel like I live on a planet, rather than a fragmented jigsaw of angry nationalisms,” tweets Scott Ludlam, an Australian politician about the climate change-related protests that swept across the world. A good point to remember that when it comes to crises facing an entire planet, nationalism isn’t the right answer.

Snap & Climate Change: Is there a link?

Snapchat announced that in 2018 an average of 3 billion snaps were sent every day. A single snap produces 0.1g of CO2 meaning that in just 24 hours Snapchat generates the carbon equivalent of 1 car driving for 54 years. This is, of course, microscopic in comparison to carbon emissions generated by the aviation industry or agriculture – but it’s not nothing. Joe Hearty, R/GA London Experience Design Director argues that we have underestimated the impact of digital on climate change and it is only going to increase. Check.