Beyonce Goes To Bollywood (w/ColdPlay)

Looking to get your weekend getting started right? Well look no further than this video of “Hymn For The Weekend” from ColdPlay’s new album, A Head Full of Dreams. The band is also playing at the SuperBowl half time show. I am not really a fan of ColdPay — too mainstream pistache for my weird musical takes — but I did like the new video of the song featuring Beyonce.

The video which combines various elements of Indian Exotica — Bollywood, Bioscopes, Mystics, Swamis, Peacocks, Festival of Colors and various gods is actually yet another musical interpertation of India that I sometimes struggle to find. The song features Beyonce – as a Bollywood Star and a goddess – and she fits into the exotic locales.

I am a huge fan of Beyonce, not just for her music but also for her mastery of the media business and her as a person. Her talent is impressive. What would be cool – to see Beyonce collaborate with newer talents from India on an album co-produced by Nitin Sawhney and Jay-Z. That will surely be magical sound for the 21st century.

Watch the video on ColdPlay’s YouTube Channel or see it ad-free on Director Ben Mor’s Site.  Stream it on Spotify if you don’t much care for the video, but video really makes the song.