In his newsletter, Matt Stoller takes an in-depth look at the Solarwinds hack and how it will impact the US and its citizens. Solarwinds is the result of a private-equity ethos applied to critical software and services. Stoller particularly picks out Thoma Bravo, pointing to their tactics as a direct reason for this national security crisis. It is a very sobering piece and a reminder that we are our own worst enemy. 

Additional reading: The next Cyberattack is already underway, Jill Lepore, The New Yorker. 

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Curious case of NSA, a contractor & Russian Kaspersky Lab

Harold T. Martin, an NSA contractor, was turned into NSA by Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab. He had stolen many terabytes of data and brought it home. A few months later the USA issued warnings against the company and called them a threat to the country. It is all very mysterious and confounding. That said, I am boggled by two things — how the hell is NSA so leaky. And some of the folks involved aren’t very smart about the basics of Social Internet presence. Kim Zetter’s exclusive is worth a read.

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