Microsoft’s Hypocrisy on DACA

Microsoft’s president Brad Smith regularly tweets in support of the so-called Dreamers—the 800,000 people who were brought to America as children, and who cling to a precarious legal status. Microsoft sued the Trump administration over their cancellation of the DACA program in 2017, and Mr. Smith frequently calls on legislators to enshrine the program in law.

However, over the same period, Microsoft’s political action committee has given over $100,000 to members of Congress trying to dismantle DACA—including $10,000 in March to Mitch McConnell, the central figure preventing DACA legislation from getting a Senate vote.

Actions should always speak louder than words. Microsoft, like most corporations, often talks from both sides of its mouth. Maciej Cegłowski as always is doing a great service by exposing the hypocrisy, much better than those in mainstream media.

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