The MicroBrands

Dan Frommer is one of my favorite independent bloggers and every so often he writes about creators, which is wonderful, because these are stories worth sharing and writing. When I was reading his post about Susan Kare (sorry Dan, I have been busy hanging out in New York), I realized that just as Dan likes to find these cool creators, I absolutely love discovering brands.

Whether it is soaps or shoes or socks, for me brands that offer “good” and “high quality” products are as delightful as say writing about the next Instagram. The passion that tech startups have is also shared by people making other products. So, taking a cue from Dan, I going to write about “micro-brands.” It is unlikely I will do it very often — don’t have enough time in the day, but when I find something worth noting, I will bring to your attention.

I will work on first of those later today 😉