Best of the 2010s: Some of my favorite pieces from the last ten years

At the end of 2009, I launched a personal blog. It was hosted on, then, and eventually finding home at this final domain, It has been my homestead on the web for almost a decade and has survived the vagaries of the modern Internet. Social networks may have taken some of the … Continue reading Best of the 2010s: Some of my favorite pieces from the last ten years

It is time to ask Twitter the same privacy questions

Updated: Media rightfully has been focused on Facebook and its outsized role in what are calling the surveillance economy. But focusing just on Facebook is a mistake, for data accumulation and its subsequent abuse can happen anywhere, anytime. Various data streams are being reassembled for hyper-targeting. And one of these could be Twitter, which sells its data to others.

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Why we (the riders) are not Uber’s customers

I have been using Uber since the day it went into service. It has been a godsend for me — I don’t drive and almost always have to go to the far corners of the city to see the medical practitioners who have to keep me ticking over past ten years. I would be remiss in saying that Uber is not a net addition to my creature comforts. And that is saying a lot because I have twisted and turned over its ethics, corporate ethos and constant crossing the line.

But lately, I have been thinking — if I (like other riders) am really the customer for the company? Its actions display a certain level of “taking riders for granted” attitude, that reminds me of cable companies, phone companies, and certain web giants. Uber is yet another example of a company, where we are merely the product.   Continue reading “Why we (the riders) are not Uber’s customers”

Worth Reading: Stan Smith, Algorithms, and John Oliver

We had a beautiful and sunny weekend in San Francisco — a much-needed break between endless days of drizzle. And that meant a chance to walk around and clock in my 10,000 steps. It also meant less reading and even less writing. Nevertheless, I am kicking off the week by sending you some good stuff to read, perhaps on your lunch break or when you’re commuting back from work. Continue reading “Worth Reading: Stan Smith, Algorithms, and John Oliver”

What I am reading today

Google’s road map to global domination. A great piece about Google building out its maps and going places where no camera has gone before. We are re-living a traditional Victorian Christmas — of excess for the few and struggle for many. Things never really change, the New Statesman argues. 2014 IT tech predictions from Mike … Continue reading What I am reading today