A denim brand to remember


Jeans are a highly individual choice. Everyone has a different fit. Everyone likes a different kind of wash and most have an affinity with one brand or another, depending on how they fit. Sure, you can get trendy and let yourself be guided by what’s cool, or one can act his (or her) age — as in my case — and find a pair of jeans that is classic, comfortable and understated. 

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The New New Globalization.

For past few months, I have visited almost half a dozen cities in four countries on three continents. And I have seen some new symbols of globalization. Unlike the past, when Coca Cola, Levi’s and McDonald’s were icons of globalization, today the brands are very different. They aren’t entirely American, but instead very global. Today, … Continue reading The New New Globalization.

Stupid vs Smart

“If you are not willing to look stupid, nothing great is ever going to happen to you.” House MD, Season 2, Episode 14 I saw this ad campaign to sell Diesel denim. The stupid versus smart debate can easily be extended to our world of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Enjoy the photos, courtesy of Diesel Jeans. Continue reading Stupid vs Smart