(The Leica) M10

Leica, the iconic camera maker, recently released the new Leica M10 — the first new M series camera to be released in four years. And predictably it created a lot of excitement, especially among the Leica fans. Some of my friends who have Fuji X cameras were intrigued by the prospect of this new camera. It doesn’t look very different than other Leicas — except it has a dedicated ISO dial, which actually looks great and is perfectly positioned.  Continue reading “(The Leica) M10”

Standalone Camera losing fight with the iPhones

My article outlining the rise of the computational photography for The New Yorker prompted many reader to write and point out the camera phones were essentially a pre-iPhone phenomenon. I don’t disagree, except for the fact that iPhone made it possible to do higher quality photography easier and simpler. And it is not just the iPhone – other smartphones have dramatically enhanced their photographic capabilities. Continue reading “Standalone Camera losing fight with the iPhones”

Why iPhone 7 Changes Camera Industry Forever

My latest for the New Yorker about the mainstreaming of what is generically known as computational photography. This to me is the start of a new phase in photography and what it means. Have a read & tell your friends.

We are splintering what was the “camera” and its functionality—lens, sensors, and processing—into distinct parts, but, instead of lenses and shutters, software and algorithms are becoming the driving force.