Tsovet does classic elegance

Given that Apple Watch is only a few months away, I feel guilty recommending a watch. But this new-ish Tsovet JPT-TW35 (dress) watch just stole my heart. I am smitten by the sheer aesthetics of the watch. It is not too big. It is not too small. It is not round. It would look great under a white shirt. It isn’t too expensive: $250 is not cheap, but again not a bank breaker. I wish they used sapphire crystal instead of mineral crystal. There are two flavors — gold and steel. I like steel look: it is more classy and golden sheen gives it a cheap/trying too hard.

I have not bought it  — but it is on my Christmas wish list. I am not a fan of quartz watches, and yet I think it is beautiful — classic, elegant and minimal. From a quality standpoint, Tsovet (which is based somewhere in Southern California) makes pretty good and reliable watches: I have owned two of them — both of them are now with new owners. Tsovet replaces batteries in the watches for free but you have to send them in, so it is a bit of a laborious process. On the other hand, it is a good reason to try out Shyp. Continue reading “Tsovet does classic elegance”