With Girl Panic, return of vintage Duran Duran (Video)


As a teenager, I loved Duran Duran. What was not to love — models in swimsuits, pulsating music, long hair, shoulder pads, boats, cars, and a hypnotic visual treat. For an impressionable teen, Duran Duran video were an addiction. And then the eighties were over and we all got old.

What was novel in their videos was commonplace on MTV. Their music wasn’t really that outstanding for them to withstand the shift. Duran Duran thought they were a rock band. They were nothing more than a pop-act. I still sneak a listen to Girls on Film, Hungry Like a Wolf, and Rio, but Duran Duran as a musical force are not all that exciting.

That is until this morning when I saw the video of Girl Panic, their newest single. This is pure old school Duran Duran.

Aa tongue in cheek look at Duran Duran themselves, the video has super models such as Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford playing the role of Duran Duran members. The hedonistic champagne life that made Duran Duran so huge in the 1980s is back. Sexy girls prancing around the television screen are back. The video is edgy and pulsating. The visuals are quite hypnotic. And no surprise, you can’t really hear the music or remember the song. There is no beat to remember, but the idea of Naomi Campbell as Simon Lebon… well that is worth watching.

There is no sign of Duran Duran themselves on the video. And I am just fine with that. As a Duran Duran fan, I don’t really want to see the geezer versions of Simon, Nick, John and Rodger. Where is Andy by the way? For now sit back and enjoy the video.