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The EVs — electric vehicles are everywhere. More SPACs are touting their fantastic future where they sell millions of vehicles. Elon Musk is the wealthiest guy in the world. Everything is so lit, except no one wants to talk about the elephant in the room — rare earth metals and the pollution that comes with mining them. And nothing is more precious for this new EV future than Lithium — the stuff at the heart of our connected future.

It is why the US needs to figure out how to control its rare-earth destiny and become less reliant on overseas suppliers and processors — read China. And that’s why every eye has been on the Thacker Pass Mine, a Lithium mine in Nevada. The mine can generate over 66,000 tons of Lithium a year for about four decades, the company behind the mine brags. But it will come at a substantial environmental cost. And that has got a wide variety of people up-in-arms.

Maddie Stone, writing for Grist, outlines the legal, social, and climate challenges against the Thacker Pass Mine in her deeply reported story, The Battle of Thacker Pass. I hope you read it.

There is something about (Elon) Musk

The last month in the life of Tesla and its mercurial chief executive can best be described as a bungee jump from a plane. No surprise, that we have a bull market in opinions about Elon Musk, his behavior, and his actions.

I don’t own Tesla shares. I have no desire to own them. Just as I don’t want to short them. Hell, I don’t even drive.

But you know what I dream of? Owning a self-driving electric car before I leave the planet. And the odds of that happening are way more likely if Tesla and Elon are around.  Continue reading “There is something about (Elon) Musk”