It had been a few years since I got really excited about a new application or a new service — but I’m happy to report that the drought has ended. Over the past three months, I have come across at least four fantastic applications that made me fall in love with the Internet all over … Continue reading Hey HEY

Sunday Rains & Random Runimantions

It is raining outside. I can hear its soft patter outside my window. I like rains. They make me nostalgic, especially on a Sunday, my day for catching up with the week ahead. Past few days have been particularly intense, mostly for personal reasons. I have been preoccupied and thus been playing hide-and-seek from responsibilities such as replying to emails. I decided to change that today.
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Too much email, don’t worry, ignore it, be happy

Taylor Lorenz has written a wonderful piece on why we should give up trying to tame the email problem. Good point — people send more email if you reply to their email anyway. So to hell with it.  Forget about InBox Zero. Don’t think about declaring email bankruptcy. Simply don’t care. Point to note: at some point, even reporter worth their notebook has written a version of the “too much email” story.

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Rebooting ‘7 Stories to read this weekend’ Newsletter

It is two years to the date when I left the company I started, mostly to scratch my itch to write everyday about things I loved about technology, sometimes boring, sometimes arcane, but mostly important to me. And two years ago, I also stopped writing my weekly email newsletter — 7 Stories to read this weekend — that collected some of the (non-tech) stories that I found interesting. It was about exposing the technology-centric audience to alternative narratives.

In the time that has passed, I have lost control of the email list, which I had painstakingly built over the years. That loss made me realize how much I enjoyed the process of reading, contemplating and curating the newsletter.

Yesterday, I had breakfast with Jason Hirschhorn, who edits popular email newsletter, MediaRedef, and he encouraged me to pick up where I left off. So did my pals, Hiten Shah and Arjun Sethi. It was exactly the right last bit of push I needed, to restart that newsletter.

I don’t want to do the exact same thing I was doing earlier — so instead of curating purely non-technology narrative journalism, I am rebooting it as “a weekly newsletter that explores the confluence of technology, business, art, science & society.”

I will also share links to some of my writing, whether on my own blog or elsewhere. I hope you can join me in this new beginning, by signing up to recieve my weekly email newsletter: http://tinyletter.com/ommalik

Microsoft Sends a Message

Microsoft has launched a new experimental iPhone app called Send and on paper it makes a lot of sense. “Send gives you the simple, quick text message-like experience” according to the company marketing material and is “built specifically for those brief, snappy communications—Send, designed for in-and-out email.” It is not quite the same, but back … Continue reading Microsoft Sends a Message