It had been a few years since I got really excited about a new application or a new service — but I’m happy to report that the drought has ended. Over the past three months, I have come across at least four fantastic applications that made me fall in love with the Internet all over … Continue reading Hey HEY

Sunday Rains & Random Runimantions

It is raining outside. I can hear its soft patter outside my window. I like rains. They make me nostalgic, especially on a Sunday, my day for catching up with the week ahead. Past few days have been particularly intense, mostly for personal reasons. I have been preoccupied and thus been playing hide-and-seek from responsibilities such as replying to emails. I decided to change that today.
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Microsoft Sends a Message

Microsoft has launched a new experimental iPhone app called Send and on paper it makes a lot of sense. “Send gives you the simple, quick text message-like experience” according to the company marketing material and is “built specifically for those brief, snappy communications—Send, designed for in-and-out email.” It is not quite the same, but back … Continue reading Microsoft Sends a Message

Reply All

We all have done it — received an email, hit reply all and continued a conversation oblivious that we are all essentially creating a kind of spam in everyone’s inbox, reducing people’s productivity and abusing their attention. Problem gets infinitely worse when folks put 50+ people on “CC.” It is 2014, and by now we … Continue reading Reply All

Why we hate e-mail

Once a time-saver, the inbox has become a burden. That’s why bold entrepreneurs stand to get rich fixing it, writes Business 2.0 columnist Om Malik. (Business 2.0 Magazine) — E-mail, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! But it wasn’t always so. A lifetime ago, I signed up for CompuServe and received my first exposure … Continue reading Why we hate e-mail