Time to end the (Fashion) Show

There was a time when there were fashion shows in exotic places like Paris and Milan. Editors would write about them, pass opinions. Now we have fashion shows all the time, the editors lack depth and knowledge, people Instagram them & frankly all fashion has become “meh.” That is why they hide it behind the theaterical dimension these shows have taken. They are not about fashion, but about crass marketing. Maybe it is time for the fashion show itself to die. #

Instagram killed the fashion show?

It is Fashion Week in New York (not to mention the frigid temperatures) and that usually means lot of traffic delays, sold out restaurants and in general pointless misery for normals. And apparently, not many people actually care as much about the shows — they are expensive and hard and don’t really deliver, like say Instagram. So that is why more and more designers are going for a more Instagram-friendly approach, reports The New York magazine. Shall we go ahead and file this in law of unintended consequences?