From India, New Fashion Stars

I remember the sparseness of talent and original thought, and degree of elitism during the formative years of Indian fashion scene. I used to write about that stuff and even as a non-trained, not-really-fashion-writer, it was obvious that there was such a huge chasm between the rest of the world and Indian fashion, despite the claims by many of the then designers. It is exciting to learn about the subtle and modern changes to the act of weaving, traditional crafts and other artisanal work being adopted by the fashion talent coming from little corners of the country.Fashion clearly has come a long way in India.

Julie Zerbo

Julie Zerbo is the twentysomething founder and editor in chief of The Fashion Law, a website dedicated to the field of fashion law and business. She is a vocal critic of fast fashion and dubious industry practices, especially when it relates to fashion media. Introduction The rise of social media has turbocharged global materialism and … Continue reading Julie Zerbo


Check out this new newsletter called Lean Luxe, which bills itself as “The Economist meets Quartz” and showscases upstart brands. Paul Mumford explains why he started the newsletter in  welcome message. It is worth a look if you are interested in fashion and emergent luxury goods. 

Elle on earth 

A freelance writer shares the ridiculous nature of fashion journalism where branded content passed for editorial. Here is how Elle editors ruined a great interview with fashion legend Rei Kawakubo. [The Observer]