Helsinki Summer: a photo gallery

I was in Helsinki this past week and due to long days and short nights, I had a chance to make a lot of photos in the capital of Finland. Here is a selection of photos made with my new iPhone SE and edited on the phone with RNI Films. I really miss the iPhone 7+ camera, but for now the hand is healing well and the pain is almost gone. (more…)

Where great startups are: the Nordics

Skype, Spotify, Supercell – they all have one thing in common: they were born, raised and thrived in the Nordics before becoming a global phenomena and changing their industries. And these are not the only examples of great startups emerging from that region. Top Tier Capital Partners, a San Francisco-based fund which invests in venture capital funds, recently conducted a study looking at the “unrealized and realized exits” in the Top Tier dataset according to geography in order “to determine if any of the regions was outperforming.” What the study foundContinue reading “Where great startups are: the Nordics”