My Ex-Boss Has Flipped Out

Quittner thumbJosh Quittner is more than my ex-boss: he is a friend who has always been there for me, whenever I needed guidance, a shoulder to cry on and someone to go out tear into Pakwaan’s awesome lamb chops. (Well less of those chops since my makeover.) Josh is a quintessential startup guy and I have often wondered, when he would leave the safe confines of big media and come to the right side.

Well now he has  Рhe is joining Flipboard as their editorial director. He is going to be based in New York Рbecause, well that is where all the big media, though at the rate they are shrinking, they may not be big for too long.


I love that he is going to go and work with Mike McCue, who is perhaps one of my most favorite entrepreneurs, mostly because he is always calm and always smiling. When I asked Q if he was moving back – he gave me the bad news. No, he is staying put in New York.

“I’ll be like the George Clooney¬†character, up in the air all the time, shuttling from one coast to another,” he wrote to me in an email.

Ironically, another one of my colleagues from Business 2.0 days has left the safe confines of Fortune/Time Inc. and slowly the threads that bound me to my former employer are fraying. Josh, much success to you in your new gig. I know you are going to be awesome.

Time Inc’s John Huey’s Memo about Q’s exit (below the fold)

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