Week in a blink of an eye

There are weeks that pass in the blink of an eye. The week that passed was one of those – just like that it was gone. It started off early, with a drive down to Carmel for our annual True Founders Camp, where I get to spend with a growing family of True founders. Often when attending the camp, I am wistful and longingly ache for those days when I was an early stage founder, trying to figure out a path forward.

If there is was a way to describe this group, I would label then as missionary founders. The camp was about having honest discussion about their missions impossible. In this endless loop of valuations and fundings, what we often forget that the essence of capitalism (or at least the kind I believe in) is freedom – to think, create and be a positive change on those around you and hopefully many others. It is a great feeling to create something out of nothing, something that hopefully employs thousands and changes lives in a small meaningful way. This group is my energy source for a new beginning.

The great part of the camp was that it gave me w chance to go for a photo walk (or two) along the Carmel coast and capture the beauty of the Big Sur. I have to say the morning mist, when night is flirting with daylight, kissing the surface and spreading slowly like the first blush across our planet’s cheek. Blues, grays, lighter blues, some pink, turquoise blue, and some deeper grays. It was the most magical of mornings and I am so glad I got to go out and make a few photos.

This year’s camp was extra-special because it fell on the 10th anniversary of the day Phil Black and Jon Callaghan signed the papers that led to the formation of True Ventures. Tony Conrad, Toni Schneider and John Burke joined there after, and it would be a few years before I would become part of the team True. Ten years sure have flown — I have changed, Silicon Valley has changed and the idea of innovation too has changed.

It was back to business as usual on Wednesday — meetings with new companies and of course two board meetings — TwinPrime and Academia. Both these companies are inventing new approaches — TwinPrime has built a new software platform that allows apps to performs starters by being network aware and intelligent. Academia is all about enabling open science. Rest of the week was spent in meetings — and what that meant was less time to even think about non-work stuff. I have still not digested the good news from Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

There are many scribbled notes and thoughts around the Theranos-Wall Street Journal skirmish. It has opened up a debate around media and tech startups, including many of my peers in the venture business. Having been on both sides — media and now venture investments, I just have to find time to articulate my thoughts on paper. Hopefully soon!

October 24, 2015, San Francisco