The End of Summer

Nobody on the road Nobody on the beachI feel it in the air The summer’s out of reach — Boys of Summer, Don Henley This song, which is less about summer and more a metaphor about aging and the futility of time, will forever acts as a soundtrack for the end of sunny, bright and … Continue reading The End of Summer

The Joy of (French) Tea

One of the great joys of travel is that you get a chance to learn something new. France is one of those destinations, where if you keep an open mind, you learn something new and challenge your preconceived notions. For instance, everyone would tell you that coffee is great in France. Well, sure it is, … Continue reading The Joy of (French) Tea

Walking around Paris

My second day in Paris was marred by me breaking the lock on my SD card which led to about half a day being lost when it comes to taking pictures. Of course, once I got a new card, regular service resumed, though I admit, I could do a better job of taking pictures. Anyway back to walking later tomorrow so that will bring back the creative spark.
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