A Little Less Conversation

One of the highlights of my day is having lunch with my True Ventures colleagues. We sit around the table, enjoy food, and talk about a lot of topics. I don’t talk as much as I listen. That’s where I first heard about Taylor Swift’s new single, the new Royal Baby, and pretty much everything else happening in the world outside venture capital and technology.

Lately, everyone seems to be focused on dissecting the latest episodes of Game Of Thrones. I haven’t watched a single episode. I don’t like stuff that is too gory, and I’m not that into fantasy. I am also one of the few in Silicon Valley who doesn’t care very much about Star Wars or Indiana Jones and the like. Though, I do like futuristic science fiction — especially when it has a less dystopian view than our current media outlets! In our latest lunch hours at the office, I feel a little out of the loop. I have even less to contribute than usual. Continue reading “A Little Less Conversation”