Protocol is live

Protocol, a new online publication from the house of Politico is live. It wants to bring a new dimension to coverage of technology, which has gone from being a curiosity to the necessity to now becoming a foundational part of modern existence. ” Technology is no longer just an industry; it’s a global power center … Continue reading Protocol is live

A frame of mind

This past weekend, just before everything slowed down for Thanksgiving, I got a chance to reflect on my photographic journey. While it is easy to quantify the technological and social success of a craft such as photography, it is much harder for us to ask what the emotional impact is of creativity and creation. When … Continue reading A frame of mind

A curious weekend

After a long week, I am on a plane again. Perhaps like monk Matthieu Ricard, “For me a flight is just a brief retreat in the sky.” Or at least that is the justification I make to myself for constantly flying from one place to another. I am leaving behind a curious weekend — one that took me back into time. Normally, I don’t look back; I usually find myself focusing on what’s ahead by worrying less about what could have been.

But I listen to Nitin Sawhney, I lose sense of the control I have on my approach to life. He makes me contemplative, melancholic and at times wistful for a life that I know I don’t want or need. I realize that’s what music is supposed to do — make you feel special things you don’t necessarily desire to experience and deal with feelings that one has buried inside himself or herself for a time. Tides (from album Beyond The Skin) is one of those songs.
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