Some of my recent writings

Qualcomm quakes: sources say layoffs at mobile chip giant. [11.20.2013] Pinterest needs growth badly, so it is pinning places. [11.20.2013] Twitter, Chegg & Zulily: Why all tech IPOs are not created equal. [11.20.2013] Whose (instagram) ad is it anyway? [11.20.2013] Compass-EOS gets another $42 million to rethink routers. [11.19.2013] AT&T has 10 million U-verse high … Continue reading Some of my recent writings


Anniversaries and birthdays are nothing more than a chance to reflect and collect one’s thoughts. This past week the little experiment called GigaOm turned seven years old. It has been seven years of lessons learned, embracing failure and challenging preconceived notions. The past seven years have allowed me to figure out that in life if we are … Continue reading Seven

Evolution of a Founder: Lessons I have learned

Being a startup founder is hard, tough, frustrating and rewarding – possibly all within the space of a nanosecond. And yet, it is like a high none other. I have experienced it in others. And quietly, I have lived it for over six  years. Here are some lessons I learned from my journey. They may not be universal, but these lessons learned have changed me both as a person and as a founder — Om. Continue reading “Evolution of a Founder: Lessons I have learned”


This week we at GigaOM host our annual company strategy meeting. The best part about the two-day fest (apart from all the food, drinks and bowling) is the fact that it is a chance to bringe together the senior team members with fresh faces. The young’uns come to us as a result of a direct-from-college … Continue reading BabyOmers

Eleven (years of blogging)

I have published GigaOM a lot longer before it was a blog. It was a website where all the links went to articles from Forbes, Red Herring and other publications I used to write for. It was an archive for all my email newsletters. It was home to my resume. But in December 2001, MovableType’s Ben Trott installed the MovableType software for me and with that GigaOm, the blog was born.

This year, I celebrated its eleventh birthday by taking a quiet walk down embarcadero on a very rainy day, musing about how the world (and blogging has) changed since then. I thought about how blogging changed me, my view of the world, and how I practice the art of writing. It helped me discover my voice and myself.  Continue reading “Eleven (years of blogging)”