(Now) Apple is all about China

I finally had a chance to catch up on Apple’s latest keynote, which saw CEO Tim Cook announce some additional details about Apple Watch and of course, its pricing. The company also announced a new kind of Macbook — pretty amazing actually — and some other newish offerings such as HBO Now on Apple TV. As I sat and watched through the keynote video, one thing which became pretty obvious — Apple’s number one focus going forward is China.

For me nothing reflected the importance of China more than the fact that the keynote opened with the date and time in Chinese language characters and the first few minutes being devoted to Chinese retail operations. It shouldn’t have surprised anyone: last year, Cook told Sina, a Chinese news organization that it plans to open 25 new stores in greater china over two years, in addition to 15 it already had in operation. In the last six weeks Apple has opened six stores in China. Cook has visited China about half a dozen times. And he should — for China is making shiploads of money for Apple.  Continue reading “(Now) Apple is all about China”