In praise of expensive loafers

I love slip-ons, loafers and drivers — especially during the summer. However, I don’t like any which are too ostentatious. I hate big logos. I hate the jewelry. And yet, I find this article about ostentatious and expensive loafers oddly interesting. [AContinuousLean]

Gucci rips off

Big brands always get away with ripping up small brands, who have less marketing muscle. I don’t expect GQ or Esquire, who are beholden to Gucci pointing out that Gucci ripped off a design from Canadian company, Arc’tryx Veilance, who make some fantastic technical clothing and have perfect the art of minimal style. A little … Continue reading Gucci rips off

An Unbranded Life

I counted 11 brands on the counter at that exact moment: Dr. Hauschka, Orabrush, Common Good (soap), Kohler (sink), Bongio (faucet), Philips (toothbrush), Rembrandt, Royal Velvet (toothpaste), Sonos, Neorest (toilet), and Tom’s of Maine (mouthwash). My iPhone was on the counter but the Apple was covered in a WordPress iPhone case, I guess a 12th brand, … Continue reading An Unbranded Life

Why I don’t trust GQ & others like them

Michael William writes A Continuous Lean, a popular and influential blog about men’s style. He is one of the most influential bloggers and tastemakers when it comes to men’s fashion. And he has become such a powerful force, because he was an early proponent of the independent men’s fashion movement — where buyers champion less known brands who eschew glitzy advertising in favor of high quality wares. It was from his blog, I was introduced to Todd Snyder, who probably one of the most underrated American designers.

Today, when I read his interview with a GQ editor about GQ’s What to Wear Now stylebook, I was mildly miffed but mostly surprised. Why? because i believe GQ is the antithesis of what Williams and others bloggers like him such as the gentleman who writes Die Workwear stand for: the little guy, the independent brands where focus is quality not the size of the marketing budget. GQ, on the other hand at is nothing more than a glorified marketing vehicle for the large conglomerates such as LVMH, PPR and Prada.  Continue reading “Why I don’t trust GQ & others like them”