I am mulling on a post about Leica & its history of innovation. As part of my research, I have spent time with one of their more innovative yet underrated cameras — the Leica TL-2. It is essentially a camera made for those of us who have learned photography using the iPhone.

A friend loaned me her camera, and I decided to use it. However, for some odd reason, I wanted to couple it with a vintage lens. I have quite a few vintage lenses, though I rarely use them. I am a creature of habit, I suppose. However, for TL2, I picked the Helios 44 58mm/f2. It is an old lens made in the Soviet Union. I paid about $25 for a pre-owned version. I needed a lens adapter — a well-made and affordable Urth M42-to-L-Mount adapter is all I needed.

I have been out and about with this setup. I am shooting exclusively in JPEG, making it easy to get the Leica-Look on the photos. Of all the photos I made, I really liked the close-up of this leaf, which fell on my head when sitting on my favorite bench in South Park. I just wanted to share it with you.