How publications are committing harakari! 

photo courtesy of Unsplash
I have become increasingly frustrated by the fact that many of the publications I used to like are turning into churnicle factories, creating platforms for anybody and everybody to post whatever drivel they want to publish under their brand. The trend to publish without much oversight was started by the Huffington Post, which had figured out that more stuff you churn – especially with bylines of self important people – the more chances you had to build traffic. Free content, free traffic and advertising dollars — HuffPo won big with this strategy. Next came Forbes, that decided it was going to do the same, but with some pretensions. Continue reading “How publications are committing harakari! “

Shifting Values  

It was sometime in late 2007, I found myself in the center of  a blogosphere-only brouhaha around “conversational marketing.” It was spearheaded by folks from Gawker Media and was directed at John Battelle, who came up with the idea of “sponsored posts” and rebranded them as “conversational marketing.” Almost a decade later, the same idea … Continue reading Shifting Values