Watson, are you a liar?

Roger Schank, CEO of Socratic Arts (and a life long academic/educator) is of the opinion that IBM’s Watson is making much bolder claims about AI than it should. He argues, Watson isn’t doing “cognitive computing.” Must read of the day. [Roger Schank]

Why US Computer Industry is dying

Robert Cringley starts with H1-B and goes on to offer his reasons as to why US computer industry (as we have known it) is dying. He picks on IBM and HP as his targets. I had to gulp a few times to read through this. However, I didn’t feel cheated by the headline as I do with big publications such as Fortune or by the writer who isn’t really my favorite, but has a strong and clear point of view. [I, Cringley]

What I am reading today

URLs are the ingredient of the free web. [Mark Boulton] Pervasive Monitoring is an attack on free Internet. [Tim Bray] The NEW ten most annoying questions in Quantum Computing. [Scott Aaronson] [NY Times’ new fashion editor] Vanessa Friedman’s Fashion Manifesto.  H.R. Giger, Surrealist Artist and “Alien” designer is dead at 74. [Rolling Stone] What do … Continue reading What I am reading today

What I am reading today

How Technology killed the future. [Douglas Rushkoff] Can the global Internet survive realism about surveillance. [Matthew Yglesias] Is search changing? [Mark Cuban] Beats can’t save the music industry, but this new business model could. [Tyler Hayes] Move to Dubuque, not San Francisco. [Jim Russell]  Why new features usually flop. [Des Traynor] Writing is thinking. [Sally … Continue reading What I am reading today