Traveling to Ladakh

While visiting my parents in India, I decided to take a little break and visit Ladakh for a short photography break. When I was growing up, Ladakh was such a remote location, and the idea of going there was such a romantic notion. Today, however, it takes about 70 minutes in a flight from Delhi — and there are at least three a day.  Continue reading “Traveling to Ladakh”

From India, New Fashion Stars

I remember the sparseness of talent and original thought, and degree of elitism during the formative years of Indian fashion scene. I used to write about that stuff and even as a non-trained, not-really-fashion-writer, it was obvious that there was such a huge chasm between the rest of the world and Indian fashion, despite the claims by many of the then designers. It is exciting to learn about the subtle and modern changes to the act of weaving, traditional crafts and other artisanal work being adopted by the fashion talent coming from little corners of the country.Fashion clearly has come a long way in India.



Yesterday, I ended up walking in the streets of old Delhi. It is an emotionally charged and visually overwhelming experience. I took hundreds of photos and I hope to share them in small doses as photo essays. The first one p focuses on faces – faces of joy, weariness and hustle. They are faces if life as it happens.

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