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Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn: that is now part of our daily vernacular. Did you see my TikTok or read my Tweet? We don’t interact. We transact.

Read the papers, and you will quickly learn that everyone is an influencer or wants to be one. What is an influencer? Someone who influences someone else to do something online that eventually ends in a transaction — a follow, a share, or a commercial transaction. We hate advertisements, and yet we have become flesh and blood billboards.

Our constant interaction on and with social media platforms has trained us into a hyper-transactional society.

PS: Just in case you were wondering, why I am waxing philosophical — just read this news release from TikTok: they are pushing shopping on their platform. Meanwhile TikTok’s parent, Bytedance is spending $771 million to buy a VR headset maker. Instagram-parent Facebook owns Oculus, a VR headset maker. Oh it’s on!

August 25, 2021, San Francisco

Peak Influencer?

In this age of so-called-social media, the word “influencer” seems often to be used where formerly other terms were used, such as “expert,” “teacher,” “role model,” “entertainer,” etc. I believe that there is risk in consolidating all such terms, each signifying some distinct and meaningful trait of a person, under one word lacking such distinction.

Guy Tal