I wrote a guest piece for my former colleague Stacey Higginbotham’s wonderful newsletter on the internet of things. It tackled the need and importance of trust, privacy, and security in this new age of computing. A couple of ice ages ago, when I started writing about technology, personal computing was shorthand for computers used by … Continue reading Trust & Very Personal Computing

SpaceX, a company known for making big splashy announcements — thanks to its media & attention savvy founder — very quietly snapped up a small startup called Swarm Technologies. In case you were wondering, “why?” SpaceX made the acquisition, then let me help you out: it is all about devices — more accurately put, the … Continue reading So why is SpaceX buying Swarm?

A couple of days ago, I pointed out the risks we all have from companies that fall outside what is derisively known as “big tech.” Whether it is utilities playing god with the connected thermostats or insurance companies mucking around with your rates based on what your car sensors report back to them — the devils we … Continue reading What (a) Disaster