7 new beautifully designed objects

I love beautiful, elegant and well designed things. I look for objects that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are adroit in their ability to conduct the task at hand with minimal fuss and utmost simplicity. Finding such things that combine all these qualities is very rare, but when I do, I end up saving them for revisiting them at a later date — perhaps to buy and test them out. These are some of the objects that are on my “try them” list. If you have (or anyone you know) have owned them and would like to share your thoughts, please drop me a note.  Continue reading “7 new beautifully designed objects”

Some reflections on the new Apple Event

Tim Cook has come under pressure and criticism from many for riding the coattails of the line-up crafted by Steve Jobs. The new products, the new open approach to press and communicating with the world, and picking the venue where the original Mac was introduced, Tim Cook in his own subtle way is communicating to the world — a brand new era for Apple. U2’s Bono called him the “zen master” and perhaps that is an ideal description of the man who will need a lot of zen to keep this increasingly complex company on track.

Cook, deserves a lot of credit for holding and nurturing Apple through the four three years since Steve’s passing and yesterday, he indicated to the world, the grieving is over. This is Cook’s Apple. I do believe, the company will miss the ruthless editing and polish of Steve Jobs. The magic and ability to mesmerize is fading, despite the whiz bang but in the end it is really about making “lifestyle” products the — Apple way. I shared some of these thoughts with Emily Chang on the evening edition of Bloomberg West show earlier this week. Continue reading “Some reflections on the new Apple Event”