I was reading an opinion piece by Arash Ferdowsi, co-founder of an online storage company, Dropbox. While the piece’s thrust is about the important and long term relevance of immigrants to this country, I couldn’t help but focus on the role his parents played in helping build his future. And he isn’t alone. Yesterday, when … Continue reading Parents

The Price is Right

I have to admit, it is great to see the initial public offerings of various technology companies come to market and create a level of excitement. Lyft, Uber, and Pinterest are hogging the headlines, but they are also helping to kickstart the financial engine that makes Silicon Valley hum. Of course, not everyone is enthusiastic. … Continue reading The Price is Right

The Gilded Trap

The best companies — Airbnb, Dropbox, Evernote, Spotify, and of course Twitter — are trapped with $1 billion-plus valuations. In some cases, the valuations are for multiple billions. What yielded a bragging press release at the time is now looking like a gilded trap: They have to go public, do a down round, or sell … Continue reading The Gilded Trap

Sitting & Writing

I am sitting in my favorite SF location & thinking about the events of this past week and writing my reflections on Facebook’s initial public offering and comparing it with Netscape and Google. Much as it is about change in the Internet landscape, it is also apt reflection on how the media has changed. It … Continue reading Sitting & Writing