Venice At Night

It is not uncommon to come across photographs of the magical Italian city of Venice pop-up on my Instagram feed. It is an architectural gem. Canals and bridges criss-cross the city, that is made even more magical by the interplay of light and shadows. I quite enjoy the work of Italian-Austrian photographer, Ando Fuchs. There … Continue reading Venice At Night

What my trip to Venice made me think about IRL

Every time I go away and leave the computer behind, and disconnect from the world, I come back refreshed, raring to go, write more often, only to face the dreaded problem of plenty. I don’t know where to start. And even today, I feel that way as well. But you have to start somewhere, so why not talk about the thing which kept me awake on my long journey back home — everything center of the universe eventually fades into the background, no matter how great, rich and robust it might be. Continue reading “What my trip to Venice made me think about IRL”