When Buying Medical Supplies from China…

James Seng, a long time Internet expert, and investor based in Singapore, has published three informative posts on how to buy medical supplies from China. I have known of Seng and his work, and he has deep connections in China, and his three-part series can be beneficial to those seeking medical supplies. This includes a primer on buying KN95 masks, ventilators, and surgical masks. Here are some key takeaways from his posts:

– Only buy KN95 GB 19083 FFP2 masks for frontline doctors and nurses. Others are pretty useless in medical facilities.
– There is a short supply of ventilators and it might take a couple of months to get these delivered.
– “For your own personal use, buy this mask is sufficient. It is cheap and comfortable,” Seng suggests. “Ask for a medical mask with YY-0969-2013 standard.”