It has been a mostly gray, wet, and foggy New Year Weekend in San Francisco. And while it won’t qualify as winter in many parts of the world, the weather is chilly enough to stay indoors. I have been reading a new book, though the reading marathon was interspersed by a quick visit to the beach, and coffee with Chris.

The reading experience has been made most enjoyable by Jana Winderen‘s soundscapes. She is a Norway-based audio artist. She creates soundscapes from audio from “environments and to creatures which are hard for humans to access, both physically and aurally – deep underwater, inside ice or in frequency ranges inaudible to the human ear.”

Given my fondness for ice, snow, and the arctic, I have felt hypnotized by her work. I bought her entire catalog on Bandcamp — and it has been on a loop ever since. Her latest release isn’t available on Spotify. It is embedded below for you to listen to.

I am looking forward to resuming regular duties tomorrow.

January 3, 2021. San Francisco