Random Notes from a recent trip to Japan 

It isn’t hard to fall in love with Japan. It happens slowly. In 2015, it was a trip to distant Naoshima Islands that hooked me on the Japanese sensibilities. But it was on this most recent trip, the small seductions of Japan — its people, its landscapes, its food and its culture left me completely besotted by this island nation. What I like about Japan is its subtlety. It is aloof, it is shy and almost silent. And yet when you slow your rhythm to its ways, the slow hypnotization starts to take control of your senses. There wasn’t just any one thing that took control of my senses, though if I had to pick, it would be the juxtaposition of people and its landscapes. The country is crowded and yet there seems to be enough beauty in between the gaps left by people. Continue reading “Random Notes from a recent trip to Japan “