Kottke, the blog that curates the best of the whimsical and creative web and reflects the eclectic personality of its founder, Jason Kottke, is turning 25. I have been reading and enjoying his blog for an eternity. He has kept the site the same, though he has paid some attention to the realities of the distribution of information on the Internet. “I’m not gonna go through the whole history of the site, but it eventually took off in a way that I didn’t anticipate,” he writes about his blogging milestone. Jason was one of the earliest believers in blogging, a few years following folks like me, who were a few years behind Dave Winer and Doc Searls. 

I turned my blog into a business, later lost control of my blogging destiny, and had to find a new home here. But Kottke has always been steadfast in his presence, design, and focus. His tenacity to keep going and doing it alone is admirable. In a (long) podcast conversation with John Gruber (who has been blogging on Daring Fireball for two decades himself), Kottke nerds out about the web, blogging, protocols like RSS, and, of course, name-checks some of the other veterans of blogging. 

Congratulations, Jason, on the journey and weaving a wonderful hypertext web!

March 14, 2023. San Francisco

PS: Jason and John, in their podcast, talk about how blogging has inspired many social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. I wrote about this about a decade ago, which is worth reading. Blogging is the genesis and has inspired many ideas and behaviors on the Internet, and it is time for blogging to evolve. 

You know that thing called blogging

It has been almost ten days since I have been able to read properly. The bug I picked on my recent travels along with severe conjunctivitis turned out to be a forced vacation from screens. I am woefully behind on emails and also on my reading. And as usual, I caught up with some of my favorite bloggers, Dave Winer and John Gruber. And as I sped through their writing, it finally clicked.

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Gruber & Schiller love to talk

DaringFireball’s John Gruber recently had Apple Vice President Phil Schiller on his The Talk Show podcast. It was really long. I fell asleep listening to it half way. However, Serenity Caldwell of iMore transcribed it and actually it is more fun to read the transcript. #

My 2014 Review & 2015 To-Do List

Every year, much like every day, there is a moment where the end is the beginning. Today, perhaps is as good a moment to reflect on the year which is winding down. It was quite a wonderful year — travel, food, family moments and a chance to meet the mighty, the marvelous and the famous.

It has also been a year of self reflection — an attempt to slow down, get off Internet’s rigmarole, be less anxious and perhaps like a piece of chalk, soak in life. I have enjoyed reconnecting with old friends, made new friends and have slowly start to appreciate personal time.

But it hasn’t been the easiest of years. The relentlessness of internet publishing has a dangerously narcotic effect — the instant gratification and feedback on one’s work is enough to make rest of the world seem slow and plodding. My new life as a full time venture capitalist for True Ventures commands more patience and calm — and if anything 2014 has been a transition towards a more tranquil approach to life, crisis and creation.  (more…)